"It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters in the end."

-Ernest Hemingway

We support Project Baseline's goal to empower passionate citizens to observe and record change within the world’s aquatic environments in a way that fosters public awareness and supports action.

Our Trek

H2O Treks undertaking is also meant to showcase the amazing world around us. As we “Dive, Dine, and Drive” to each state highlighting not only the world below us, but the communities around us. This is meant to be a true “social, local, and mobile” endeavor. We want you to join us as we travel around. To see about how you can join in the adventure, go to our participation section.


H2O Treks follows a team as they travel on a breathtaking adventure through all 50 states diving to the bottom of local waters, discovering the hidden wonders concealed within the underwaters of the USA.

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To undertake an unprecedented underwater adventure designed to raise awareness about opportunities to explore the world that is around us, while highlighting water… our planet’s most precious resource.

Today, our water is increasingly threatened: Climate change, overuse, and pollution are jeopardizing access to and availability of water.  Compounding the age-old battle of man against nature, water scarcity is increasingly setting man against man.   “The wars of the next century will be about water,” said Ismail Serageldin, former World Bank Vice President

  • Draw attention to environmental issues affecting our water supply
  • Promote environmental stewardship, exploration and documentation of our water resources
  • Share the beauty & accessibility of some of the most unique dive, dining, and lodging sites
  • Partner with environmentally focused individuals, groups, businesses and non-profit organizations

Our Journey

 We have all look up at the stars and dream about what's light years away - well, this planet is 70% water, that's pretty awe inspiring, and the great news is that it's right here for us to explore.


Have you ever wondered what's going on under the water in your own town? There's another world down there just waiting to be shared.


Join us as we explore the country traveling to all 50 states to discover the people, the food, and the water.


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